All reviews are real and can be proven with mails, surveys and contact between the clients.
 Some of our clients choose to stay anonymous, which we respect, due to the product helping them on a personal and medical level.

“I have used it every other day for past 2 weeks. In then area of muskuloskeletal pain, I was amazed how fast the panel provided relief. In fact, this was not the main reason why I have been using it. So, it was a welcome surprise! I have been noticing positive skin changes as well but must wait for full-term assessment. Overall it is well built+ stable, 2 fans for heat dissipation, long electrical cord extension.”

A. / via survey

“Had an awful experience trying a lot of ointments and different therapies throught my dermatologist. None of them worked. Started doing the cured light therapy and after a week, I already see great improvement. Very happy with the results!”

V. / via survey

“I used to have stress in my neck and have acne on some areas. After a week it’s totally gone and my sleep is more steady as ever.”

F.J. / via survey

Easy to use and install, the nice warmth on the skin felt good and after the first using the device, i was not so shore about the outcome, but i felt straight away pain relief. So, spot on!

via survey

The device is better than somewhere else, looked more trustable. The competitor was twice as expansive.

J.C. / via survey

“Price quality probably the best in the world!”

R. / via survey

“I am using this daily for 10minutes each side, life changer, I sleep better, I feel better and I already put my fiancé behind it. I am a physiotherapist myself and will try how it works on patients when they are doing exercise therapy. Keep up the amazing job, I am sure I will order more.”

via survey

Why I chose CURED: 5 Watts per LED (most other companies use 3W LED), much wider panel than most competitors (30cm vs 20 cm amongst competitors) , free fast shipping door-to-door, better price than competitors, fast customer service response via Email/telephone call, company located in Europe (No additional VAT).””

Anonymous / via survey

“I ordered the large one (twice). The first time I used the large version, 10minutes front side and 10minutes back side, I felt I just drank 2 espresso’s. The amount of energy I have got from the lights were very significant. I must honestly say that I have not experienced this before.”

R. / via survey

“CURED Light Therapy has been a great investment in both myself, my business & clients. I work a lot while sitting and standing in the same environment without catching too much light, this is the perfect addition.”

A. / via survey

“My long term experience: Very soft skin. Less wrinkles “

M. / via survey

“Speedy delivery in a firm box which can be used for transporting too.”

Anonymous / via survey

“Aangename, relaxerende manier om je lichaam te verzorgen en daar bovenop een momentje voor jezelf te hebben. “

Anonymous / via survey

“The portable one (MINI) that I bought is easy to use. However I wish I would have bought a larger one. If I see the results after a few months I recommend to family, friends and followers to invest in a larger one.””

Anonymous / via survey

“Fast and reliable delivery. Company that follows up on how you are doing with the product. Will consider buying a larger panel and building from there.”

Anonymous / via survey

“I love it! Easy to use and effective. I have my sleep optimized to the detail. With cured I have on average 8 minutes more rem and 17 minutes more deep sleep.”

J. / via survey

“I have been using Cured RLT to help with energy and mood. So far I have felt a difference in my energy during the day. As well as an increase in uninterrupted sleep. I enjoy my daily cured routine, and look forward to more Cured RLT in the future. “

V. / via survey

“From day 1 I experienced the benefits, even with only 5min of red light exposure”

T. / via survey

“I feel like every day when I start with my red light, I feel way more energized after my 20 min therapy. Had some issues with an inflammation on the attachment of one of my ribs, is completely gone! I wake up at the same time every morning without an alarm, feeling rested and ready to go. Probably the best investment I have done in a while, looking forward buying more products! Thanks!”

R. / via survey

“Na een “licht bad” voel ik me fitter en flexibeler. Mijn huid gezicht, hals, decolleté is gladder”

D.R. / via survey

“Easy to install, feeling great after the first utilization. “

Anonymous. / via survey

“After using it for about 3 weeks, my skin feels softer. The pain in my back is so much better “

M.P. / via survey

“Elke ochtend en avond. Heel lekker! Veel meer energie en fijn na het sporten. Ook lekker voor het slapen.”

S.S. / via survey