About Cured Light Therapy

CURED was founded with the aim of bringing the best quality Red Light Therapy panels at the best possible prices, to the European market. At CURED we want to spread the scientific knowledge of this innovative technology of red & near infrared light on our body. We wish to help a lot of people on their way to optimal health, energy and appearance.

Why we believe in the future of Red Light Therapy?

More than 5000 clinical studies and ever-growing research show that red light therapy is a science that should not be underestimated with a lot of potential in various areas. Science that supports the operation of your product is the best form of future vision for CURED.

The future for LED therapy is looking extremely BRIGHT. Scientists believe that LED therapy can be used much more widely in the future. Any therapy with such scientific evidence, indicating wound healing and pain reduction, cannot be ignored in the medical world. Recently, it has also been used in brain trauma, such as stroke, and a huge amount of research continues to be done.

In the sports world, RLT is a worthy discovery to recover faster and more effectively. In addition, more top sports teams are using this natural form of recovery to double their performance.

In the beauty world, the popularity of LED therapy is growing exponentially. This is largely due to the growth in knowledge in the field of light therapy. People look at the evidence, try it and quickly experience the benefits for themselves.

When LED home light masks hit the market, they became an Instagram trend. Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung posted photos of themselves wearing masks for home use. Although such masks are more of a ‘trend’ than really powerful and actually not so useful for the skin, they do raise awareness of the concept of Red Light Therapy.

In the medical world. Unless one has problems with light sensitivity, there are no real limits to how much one can use RLT. That’s one of the reasons it’s spreading to clinics and health centers. But it is also the result of word of mouth, people spreading the science and benefits of Red Light Therapy.

In the field of beauty, anti-aging and rejuvenation, people’s interest is shifting more towards prevention, and that is a positive advantage of LED. Other options such as botox or fillers do not stimulate collagen production. RLT gets to the core of the issue: you’ll produce more collagen naturally, and it stays there, it’s yours. It is one of the most effective treatments in dermatology.


How did CURED come about?

Autoimmune disease

Founder Montana Engels, has been struggling with the autoimmune disease and skin condition “psoriasis” since she was 16.After too many doctor visits with increasingly disappointing results, Montana began her own quest. Years of intensive research into health, reading many books, listening to hundreds of podcasts, an enormous amount of research, watching documentaries, appointments with dietitians and experimenting with many diets and so-called “miracle cures” brought Montana ever closer to the cause of her condition. Every summer (for only 2 short months in Belgium) her condition improved drastically because of natural sunlight. This conclusion and subsequent research and testing led Montana to the concept of Biohacking.


Biological experimentation to improve and optimize: health, performance, strength, brain, sleep, appearance and skin or even longevity.

And part of this is light. After reading a lot of scientific research, Montana stumbled upon the concept of Red Light Therapy for skin and health. She noticed that this could really help, knowing how sunlight always has a positive effect on her immunity and skin.

Discovery of Red Light Therapy

What she discovered was a relatively little known concept called photobiomodulation, red light therapy. Thousands of scientific studies proved to her that this was not another useless ‘miracle cure’ but was really based on real science and was also used by NASA in the 1980s.

RLT has shown the potential to affect virtually every part of the human body from the cell outward. From common skin problems such as wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks, to conditions such as eczema, acne and also psoriasis. Furthermore, science discovered that it can also help deeper such as for arthritis, joint inflammation, sports and nerve pain. Montana got very into reading the scientific literature behind this innovative technology. As a result, she knew EXACTLY what a Red Light Device had to meet in order to give optimal results on humans. In Europe, Montana did not find a worthy and qualitative solution for Red Light Therapy.

The path to creating her own “most powerful” devices was started. That is how CURED Light Therapy was created. This is to offer affordable, but very effective options for red light therapy in Europe, and above all to help more people in their search for health.

Passion, calling and life purpose

With her background in technology / IT / marketing / advertising, and her lifelong passion for health, Montana combines with her Red Light Therapy devices each of her passions.
“The amount of times I’ve been swearing or been depressed over my condition, I now realize this happened to ME for a reason. My autoimmune illness is the exact reason I am so passionate about health and optimizing the body”.
The more Montana was involved in Red Light Therapy, tested and let it be tested, the more she knew this was her mission: to help people get the potential out of their cells, with Red Light Therapy. So they can be their best and healthiest – selves.