Why Cured Light Therapy panels?

CURED was designed from a personal quest for health and healing. The many clinical studies are therefore exactly where the focus is at CURED. Our devices have been developed based on the scientific research and are of the highest quality. CURED Light Therapy panels use concentrated power LEDs. Each of the panels provides both red and near infrared light, which falls within the wavelength range of 650-850 nm. Also known as the ‘therapeutic window’ of the light spectrum because of the many proven studies and many benefits on the human body. Each of the LEDs is equipped with special 60° lenses that shine the light safely and concentrated on the body. 10 minutes a day is therefore sufficient for the maximum benefits. CURED Light Therapy devices are FDA approved, have FFC & CE certificates and each of the products undergo 24h testing before leaving the warehouse.

Our mission is to help everyone experience the power of RLT. This means that our products are designed to be safe, powerful and affordable at the same time. By far the best price / quality on the market.

Based on thousands of scientific studies, CURED figured out exactly what a Red Light Therapy panel needs for optimal results. CURED has bundled the best features a panel needs, in the strongest RLT devices. CURED offers quality and customers can rely on this fact. We provide a 2-year warranty on all of our devices.

Teaching people about Red Light Therapy

CURED is committed to educating people about light and natural health in general. Biohacking is also part of this. CURED sees light as a vital ingredient of our health, in addition to nutrition, sleep and exercise. Light is something complex and its effect on human cellular function shows how important this is in human biology. In addition, we want to make the science behind light therapy accessible to everyone by explaining it in a simplified and “digestible” way.

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What is the difference with the CURED Light Therapy devices and an ordinary red incandescent or halogen lamp or red light?

Not all wavelengths of light are effective. The red and near infrared range of about 600 to 1000 nanometers (nm) has been extensively studied and appears to be the most clinically therapeutic. CURED uses specifically programmed LEDs tuned to 660nm and 850nm. These 2 wavelengths have been widely researched and offer the most benefits to our body.

Traditional incandescent lamps, such as incandescent or halogen lamps, emit red light with a wide wavelength band but are therefore little effective for the specific therapeutic effects that clinical studies show to be effective on our body.

Not only the light color (wavelength) is important here, but also the size of the device and therefore the amount of that light (power density), and the distance to this light.

High quality concentrated light

CURED Light Therapy, red light therapy devices have a high light intensity.
Irradiance: >120 mw/cm2

LED lenses of 60 degrees
We use a 60 degree secondary lens to make the lighting more concentrated and powerful. These 60 ° lenses have the advantage of both concentrated light for optimum power and a wide light plane for optimal coverage of the body.

More power.
Other red light devices often use 2 Watt or 3 Watt LEDs, or less. At CURED Light Therapy we use 5 Watt LEDs on our panels. Our “irradiance” / light coverage&power is also the best on the market. That is to say, more powerful light = better results, in a shorter time.


The CURED Light Therapy lamp has an EMF of 0.0 µT at a distance of 15 cm.

Testing & quality check

Each CURED lamp undergoes testing (for more than 24 hours) before it goes into its final packaging and is sent off to our clients. This is to meet light output requirements and safety standards.
CURED is built according to medical device standards. The devices are certified and comply with the technical standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (specifiek UL STD IEC 60601-1).

Safe & sustainable

CURED devices have “FDA approved” approval and CE & FCC certificates.

The sturdy aluminum design has built-in fans, a grounded power supply, a touch screen control panel, timer and the option to upgrade the panels as a puzzle piece and to connect them together to enlarge the light area.