Improve skin, sleep,
hair growth, sports performance, recovery and more.

CURED Light Therapy offers quality red light therapy panels with red and near-infrared light, that boosts the body at cellular level. It stimulates the natural process of energy production in the cell. The result: Less inflammation and pain, accelerated muscle recovery, improved sports performance, stimulated collagen production, more energy, rejuvenated cells. Improvement in hair growth, skin repair, skin conditions … and more benefits.

Red light therapy is a scientifically proven, innovative technique, co-discovered by NASA. More than 5000 studies show the healing effect on our body, because Red Light Therapy causes our cells to produce more energy and work more effectively. Red Light Therapy delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light to the skin and cells. Optimise your body in only 10 min a day.

About Cured How does it work?


CURED Light Therapy biedt de sterkste output van alle LED-therapielampen op de markt.



“I have been using Cured RLT to help with energy and mood. So far I have felt a difference in my energy during the day. As well as an increase in uninterrupted sleep. I enjoy my daily Cured routine and look forward to more Cured RLT in the future.”


“From day 1 I experienced the benefits, even with only 5 min of red light exposure”


My hormonal balance seems to be way better since I’ve been using the Cured lamp

Over the past year I was struggeling with insomnia, I could just NOT sleep. Since using CURED, I ust sleep so so so much better. Very happy with my purchase!


“Red light therapy is one of my 7 favorite biohacks that actually work, to achieve top health”

Tony Robbins / Life coach & motivational speaker

“Red light therapy is something I use on a daily basis to ensure I jump start my ciracadian rythm and get enough light each day.”

Jim Kwik / World expert in brain performance, memory improvement & accelerated learning

Voordelen van rood licht therapy

Uit meer dan 5000 Klinische studies blijkt dat rood licht therapie effectief werkt bij:

How CURED Light Therapy came about.

Founder Montana Engels herself, experienced the amazing effects of red light therapy.
By being involved in health and biohacking for years, I came across the thousands of scientific studies about Red Light Therapy.Read more about how Montana boosts her health.

She founded CURED Light Therapy to help more people with the proven benefits of Red Light Therapy.

About Cured

Pure Wetenschap

Ontdek in deze korte video meer over CURED en de fascinerende wetenschap achter Rood Licht Therapie.

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